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Equipping SLPs and schools to implement AAC.

I get it.

Speech-language pathology can be hard. As an SLP in the school system, I get the struggles. Your caseload is too high, you're behind on your paperwork, you want to make sure every student gets the services they deserve, and on top of that, you want to stay up to date on the new technologies and research so you can practice at the top of your game.

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That's where I can help.

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I have a strong passion to help equip SLPs, schools, and private practices with the tools and knowledge they need to implement AAC. From AAC evaluations, to goal writing, to therapy strategies, my goal is to get SLPs to feel confident in their ability to provide therapy for AAC.

Who I've worked with:

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Weatherford ISD Special Education
Neosho School District Professional Development
Azle ISD Professional Development


How I can help

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Professional Development

I love to work with SLPs teams and organizations! My trainings focus on everything AAC, from getting started to improving an already established program. My trainings will be tailored to exactly what your team needs.

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Service Contracts

Need some extra help in your school district? Have a unique need for AAC therapy and/or evaluations? I'm happy to help! Let me know what you're needing and I would be happy to help where I can!



Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion! With my specialty in AAC, I'm always happy to talk and see how I can help you in your situation!

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Virtual Workshops

Periodically I will offer virtual workshops on my website. These live-streamed workshops tackle a variety of information about AAC (both for parents and for SLPs)



I love to create resources for SLPs and parents! I have a variety of resources ranging from modeling guides on AAC and GLP to speech therapy activities.

Stay up to date!

I have a lot of resources and trainings in the works and want you to be the first to know!

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