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Professional Development

Equipping teams.

My goal is to work with schools and organizations to equip and give them confidence with AAC. From AAC evaluations to therapy to classroom integration, I'm confident that my AAC professional development trainings will get your team ready!

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Tailored for you.

I have some examples of AAC professional development that I offer below, but know that I work with schools and organization to make sure that the training is exactly what they need. As we talk about your needs, I will tailor my training to your situation and timeframe.

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Who I've worked with:

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Weatherford ISD Special Education
Neosho School District Professional Development
Azle ISD Professional Development


My Trainings

Building an AAC Program SLP Professional Development

Building an AAC Program

For SLPs  |  6 Hours

This training will help your team build out your AAC program. Covering everything you need to know, you will be able to learn how to determine the need for AAC, create an individualized feature match, trial devices, create AAC centered goals, treat language disorders with the support of AAC, support classrooms with AAC, support parents of AAC users, and learn tips on how to pursue funding for personal AAC devices.

Cultivating Confidence with AAC SLP Professional Development

Cultivating Confidence with AAC

For SLPs  |  3 Hours

The primary aim of this training is to create confidence in SLPs with AAC. Your SLP team will be provided with comprehensive training and education on AAC evaluations, goal writing, and therapy techniques. By the end of the training, your team will have gained a thorough understanding of AAC and will be better equipped to provide effective support to individuals with complex communication needs.

AAC in the Classroom SLP Professional Development

AAC in the Classroom: Level 1

For Special Educators  |  1 Hour

This course is geared towards teachers who  have students who speak using AAC. Teachers will learn foundational knowledge in regards to what AAC is, how language develops through AAC, common myths about AAC, and why it is important for teachers to use AAC with their students.

AAC in the Classroom SLP Professional Development

AAC in the Classroom: Level 2

For Special Educators  |  1 Hour

This course the follow up the Level 1 course. In this course, teachers will learn a variety of strategies to help them use AAC in their classrooms. They will also be given lots of examples and ideas that can be applied across differing classroom settings. Includes a Q&A and Application time.

AAC 101 for Parents SLP Professional Development

AAC 101 for Parents

For Parents  |  1 Hour

This training is geared specifically towards parents of AAC users. Parents will learn foundational skills about what AAC is, how language develops through AAC, why their role is as a parent is important in language development, and how to implement the use of the device in the home setting. Parents will be taught strategies about how to develop language in addition to specific language routines that they can use at home. 

Don’t see what you need?

Contact me and let’s see if I can create a training just for your team!

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