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Resources for Speech Therapy


Speech Language Pathologist AAC Specialist Professional Development Continuing Education Speaker
“I love teaching and equipping others to support this who speak using AAC. Everyone should be able to have a way to communicate! I’d love to connect and figure out how I can best serve you and your needs!”


How I can help


Professional Trainings

Looking to provide your team with trainings? I have a variety of trainings for SLPs, teachers, and parents ranging from 1-6 hours. Some of my trainings even come with CEUs!


Private Consultation

Every situation is different. Whether you're an SLP looking to grow professionally or a parent trying to navigate your child's speech needs, I'd love to talk and equip you with the tools you need!


Speech Resources

Over the years, I have created a variety of speech resources to aid SLPs, teachers, and parents in their journey with speech. Take a look at what I've created and see what can help you!

School District and Classrooms
“Randi is so knowledgeable. She is willing to answer any questions you might have and helps you feel more confident with AAC! Her teaching style is also very approachable and makes learning about AAC a positive experience!”

Samantha - Neosho School District

Stay up to date!

I have a lot of resources and trainings in the works and want you to be the first to know!

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